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Enjoy your Oregon Weekends.

We were new to this beautiful state, so as the Oregon weekends rolled around, we would run off to some new wonder.
We soon found most all of the state can be seen by the wise use of

The Day Trip.

One week, off to the coast to see the lighthouses. The next week, we were off to the mountains.
Beautiful places with waterfalls and lakes.
Places like Crater Lake, Oregon Coast Aquarium in Newport, Proxy Falls, and many others.

Heceta Head Lighthouse We love this state. Every place we go, there are magnificent sights. Now we want to share with you these great places.
Come with us as we take our day trips around the state with our Oregon weekends. We will show you how to enjoy not just the destination but also how to enjoy the drive getting there.

We know you will enjoy your weekends too, with the information you find here.

You will soon see that relaxing and sightseeing dose not have to be expensive. Most people are so intent on getting to where they are going, they miss the wonders around them. I am always amazed when driving that others are so impatient. I tend to drive the speed limit wherever we go and as I watch these folks pass me (way over the speed limit), I feel sad for all that they are missing.

Bridge We hope to give you a guide to the best places to see. Not just the obvious places but some of the little known locations with exquisite beauty.
We will be taking you to many of the following:

  • Parks
  • Attractions
  • Recreation areas
  • Fun things to do throughout Oregon
  • and of course the places that we feel are really Special.

Oregon Weekend always something to do
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Oregon Weekends What to Do Blog
The Oregon Weekends Blog gives you ideas of what to do on your weekends. With trips and places to visit. It will keep you up to date on changes to the Oregonweekends.com web site. Subscribe here.

Counties and Cities in Oregon
Information on counties and towns you can visit on any Oregon weekend. Our goal is helping you to find just the right attraction for your weekend in Oregon.

Your Weekend Day Trip to see The Wonders of Oregon.
Your day trip this Oregon weekend should be fun and that is what we have in store for you at Oregonweekends.com.

Oregon Attractions for Your Oregon Weekends
Oregon Attractions and sights that you can see through out Oregon. Spend your Oregon Weekends enjoying all that Oregon has to offer.

Oregon Lighthouses
This Oregon weekend Experience the Oregon Lighthouses as we Travel to each to see and feel their History.

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