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Baker County, Oregon

County Seat: Baker City
Founded: September 22, 1862
Population: 16,741

The County was named in honor of one of Oregon’s first senators, Edward Baker. He was a Union colonel who fell in battle in 1861.

The county is one of the 3 eastern most counties in the state, with Idaho being on its eastern boundary.

The first settlements in the county were fueled by Gold mining. At one time the county was the largest gold producer in the Northwest. Now days logging, agriculture, and tourism are the primary industries for the county.

Fishing, hunting, hiking, and boating are all to be found within the county.

Cities and Towns in the County

Baker City Greenhorn Lime Rock Creek
Bourne Haines Little Alps Rye Valley
Bridgeport Halfway McEwen Sparta
Brownlee Hereford New Bridge Sumpter
Carson Homestead Oxbow Sunset
China Town Huntington Pine Unity
Clarksville Hutchinson Pleasant Valley Weatherby
Cornucopia Jimtown Richland Wingville
Durkee Keating Robinette

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