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Benton County, Oregon

County Seat: Corvallis
Founded: 1847
Population: 78,153

Thomas Hart Benton a Missouri Senator, is from where the county received its name. At one time the county stretched all the way to the California border but now is only about 679 square miles of land.

The county seat of Corvallis was once called Marysville until it was renamed. The court house is the oldest in Oregon that is still being used for its original purpose.

In 1862 Corvallis became the site of the Oregon State Agricultural College, today known as Oregon State University, the home of the Beavers.

Primary industries include lumber and agriculture.

Cities and Towns in the County

Adair Village Blodgett Harris Noon
Alder Corvallis Hoskins North Albany
Alpine Dry Creek Kings Valley Philomath
Alsea Flynn Lewisburg Summit
Bellfountain Glenbrook Monroe Wren

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