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Beatiful Columbia River Gorge

Columbia River Gorge

The Columbia River Gorge is for all people with a sense of appreciation for ascetic beauty. We have a natural inclination and awe of the wonders of the colorful world around us. A clear sunset of oranges, reds and Purples - a view from a high cliff, miles of coast, a silver waterfall all give a sense of wonder. It is a natural stress relief, breath in the beauty and the sound and the silence of these monuments on any Oregon weekend.

With a unique ability to take our breath away, the towering waterfalls are plentiful in the Gorge. There is something about the way water transitions in shape and forms a smooth soft surface that quickly changes to a thundering crash. T he massive amount of power and weight, the brightness of the Sun and the Rainbow in the fog all inspire. Whether it is small Creek drops or a towering waterfall from high up in the rocks, the countless types of waterfalls have a way of piquing our interest. The Columbia River Gorge in the beautiful Pacific Northwest is a sight to behold. The Oregon side of the Gorge has 77 amazing waterfalls. The Columbia River highway is considered one of the most beautiful waterfall areas in the world.

Vista House Oregon

You may have seen post cards of Multnomah Falls, Bridal Veil Falls, and Horsetail falls. These are glorious, but just the beginning of what the Gorge has to offer. Driving along the historic Columbia River highway you can get a full day of wondrous waterfalls. If you find yourself at the famous Vista House at sunset be prepared to be amazed.

However, if you like to hike you may well get a true sense of the beauty of this area. There are trails for all abilities and skills, most with waterfalls, so be sure to take your camera! Whether you want to take the Wahkeena Falls Loop past 10 waterfalls or a shorter trek on a paved trail like Sheppard’s Dell, you are sure to enjoy your day. Here is a list of Columbia River Gorge hikes.

The nice thing about the Gorge is it has so much to offer. With Hundreds of miles of hiking and so much to be explored, you will want to come back often on your day trips.

We really enjoy our visits to the Gorge. Sometimes its a quick hike or just a relaxing day admiring all the falls. It is always peaceful and beautiful.

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