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Coos County, Oregon

County Seat: Coquille
Founded: December 22, 1853
Population: 62,779

Coos County Oregon Coos county was named after a local Indian tribe, the county is located in the southwestern part of Oregon. The Bay is considered the best natural harbor between San Francisco Bay and the Puget Sound. The port is considered the largest shipper of forest products in the world. Fishing and timber has been the mainstay of the counties economy. The county is bordered by the Pacific ocean on the west, Curry County on the south, and by Douglas County on the north and east.

Hiking, Boating, Fishing and other activities abound through the county. There are also several Parks, Beaches, and Recreation areas in the county.

The county seat of Coquille was incorporated in 1885. It primarily a farming and lumber community and was voted one of the 10 best small towns in America.

City and Towns in the County

Allegany Charleston Empire Laurel Grove Randolph
Arago Coaledo Englewood Leneve Remote
Bancroft Coos Bay Estabrook Libby Riverton
Bandon Cooston Fairview McKinley Saunders Lake
Barview Coquille Fourmile Millington Shorewood
Bay Park Crown Point Gaylord Myrtle Point Sitkum
Bridge Dellwood Glasgow North Bend Sumner
Broadbent Delmar Gravelford Norway Templeton
Bullards Dew Valley Green Acres Parkersburg Winterville
Bunker Hill Dora Hauser Powers
Cedar Point Eastside Lakeside Prosper

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