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Crook County, Oregon

County Seat: Prineville
Founded: October 24, 1882
Population: 19,182

Crook County, Oregon

Crook County was named for an United States Army Major-General, the county is located in the center of the state. Prineville the county seat is the only incorporated city in the county. The primary economy is base on forestry and Agriculture.Tourism and recreation are also large contributors to the economy.

The oldest geological formation in Oregon is in the southeastern corner of the County. This formation is an outcropping of Devonian limestone created from a larger reef when most of Oregon was covered by water.

Some of the activities that can be found in the county include rock climbing, boating, fishing, hiking, and rock hounding to name a few.

Cities and Towns in the County

PaulinaPowell ButteRobertsSuplee

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