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Take a Day Trip With Us and Enjoy Your Weekend to the Fullest.

What is a Day Trip? What to do this Oregon weekend? The easy answer is, it is the travel to a destination that can be done in one day. We fudge a little in that some of our trips may take a little longer, but most will be only one day.

Kirk Pond at Fern Ridge

This is the kind of beauty that can be seen all over Oregon. Most people are trying so hard to get so much into their weekend that they never slow down a see what they are missing.

This is a good example. The area in the picture is behind the Fern Ridge Dam. Most just drive by this scene and never see it for what it is. They never notice the wild life or the serenity of this location.

We would like to take you along on our trips. We want to show you what most people miss. Most folks just want to get to their destination. We will show you not only how to enjoy the attractions but how to enjoy getting there. We hope that you can learn to slow down and see what you have been missing.

We will be taking you all over the state. We will try to show you sights, attractions, and things to do on your one or two day vacations. Yes, one day can be a relaxing vacation if you just plan a little and slow down. Remember that getting there truly is half the fun.

So, pick a trip from the list and let us show you the joys of a truly relaxing weekend. One that will have you rested and ready for what ever the week has in store for you.

Old Town

Oregon Coast Aquarium

Sea Lion Caves


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