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Gilliam County, Oregon

County Seat: Condon
Founded: February 25, 1885

Gilliam County, Oregon

Named for Cornelius Gilliam, who commanded the forces of the provisional government of Oregon after the Whitman Massacre and who on March 24, 1848, while getting a rope for his horse, from a wagon, was accidentally killed when the rope caught the hammer of a gun and discharged it.

The county is bordered by Columbia River to the north, Wasco and Sherman Counties to the west, Morrow and Grant Counties to the east, and Crook County to the south.

The economy is based mainly on agriculture primarily wheat and barley. It is considered to be the heart of the Columbia Plateau wheat area. Secondary industries include fishing, hunting and tourism.

Cities and Towns in the County

ArlingtonLonerockMikkaloRock Creek

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