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Harney County, Oregon

County Seat: Burns
Founded: February 25, 1889
Population: 7,609

Harney County,Oregon Name for William S, Harney, a popular military officer of the Pig War, the county is the largest in the state of Oregon. The largest Ponderosa Pine forest in the United States is located here and shared with Grant County.

There is an abundance of game animals as well as numerous campsites within the County. The excellent fishing here has stimulated a growing recreational area.

The county's most prominent geographical feature is Steens Mountain; at about 9700 feet it is many miles across a region that is otherwise fairly flat. Also within the County is the driest place in Oregon, the Alvord Desert.

The raising of cattle, sheep raising, and timber, have traditionally provided the county's economic base.

Cities and Towns in the County

AndrewsDunneanIndian VillageTrout Creek
BurnsFrenchglenNarrows Venator
CraneFrost MillNew PrincetonVoltage

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