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Lane County, Oregon

County: Lane County
County Seat: Eugene
Founded: January 29, 1851
Population: 322,959

Lane County, Oregon The County was named after the territory's first governor, Joseph Lane. Located in west central portion of the state, the boundaries have been changed several times. Because of the rich fertile soil, the economy has been based primarily on timber and agriculture. However the timber industry has been slumping as of late. It is predicted that it will change in the coming years to services and high technology.

Fern Ridge Pond

The county stretches from Willamette Pass to the Pacific Ocean. Within this area there are a variety of activities, attractions, and sights. No matter what you like, you are sure to find an activity for your weekend.

Eugene is the county seat. The University of Oregon is located in Eugene and the Hult Center for the Performing Arts is also located here.

From the coastal sand dunes to Proxy Falls, from McKenzie Pass to the Heceta Head Lighthouse your weekends can be filled with the sights and activities through out the County.

Cities and Towns in the County

Alma Dunes City London Springs Santa Clara
Alpha Elmira Lorane Searose Beach
Alvadore Eugene Low Pass Siltcoos
Belknap Springs Fall Creek Lowell Springfield
Bethel Finn Rock Mabel Swisshome
Blachly Fir Grove Mapleton Thurston
Blue River Florence Marcola Tiernan
Brickerville Foley Springs McCredie Springs Trent
Canary Franklin McKenzie Bridge Triangle Lake
Cheshire Glenada Minerva Unity
Cloverdale Glenwood Mohawk Vaughn
Coburg Goldson Nimrod Veatch
College Hill Goshen North Beach Veneta
Cottage Grove Greenleaf North Springfield Vida
Creswell Heceta Beach Noti Walden
Crow Horton Oakridge Walker
Culp Creek Irving Pleasant Hill Walterville
Cushman Jasper Point Terrace Walton
Danebo Junction City Rainbow Wendling
Deadwood Lancaster Rainrock Westfir
Deerhorn Latham Reed Westlake
Dexter Leaburg River Road Willamette City
Disston Linslaw Royal Winberry
Dorena London Saginaw

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