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Oregon Aquarium Newport, Oregon

Oregon  Coast Aquarium


This Oregon weekend visit the Oregon Aquarium,(actually the Oregon Coast Aquarium), it has been ranked as one of the top ten aquariums in the United States and was the former home of Keiko, the orca whale from the movie Free Willy, who was moved to Iceland in September of 1998.

There are a multitude of exhibits both inside and out. Displays of different fish and invertebrates from the close shores to deeper waters are housed inside the building.

King Crab

One section is always changing. As of May, of 2008, it is called Oddwater. It houses unusual sea creatures such as Cuttlefish and Chambered Nautilus, as well as an old favorite the sea horse.

Sea Horse

Outside can be found marine mammals such as sea lions, seals, and otters. A walk through the aviary with Murre, Puffins, and other sea birds is a wonder to behold.


Of coarse the Passages of the Deep is always fascinating. Three separate areas to walk through make you wonder if you are watching the animals or they are watching you. As you pass through the exhibit you are surrounded by water and fish both above and below.

You first will come to a section that is primarily rockfish followed by large halibut and cod. The last section holds many species of rays, sharks, as well as other fish.

Sting Ray

As you wonder through the Oregon Aquarium, time will get away from you. You will find yourself watching the same animal as it swims around the enclosure. A sense of peacefulness and relaxation flows over you. Watching as a shark passes over your head is an exhilarating experience. As they come out of the darkness you realize how powerful and majestic these animals are.

You will find yourself viewing the sea otters for what seems like only minutes, to find that an hour has passed. As you look through the viewing glass or from above while these creatures swim and float around the pool. Watch as they feed and play time will just slip away as you relax to their playfulness.

You will also fine sea lions swimming and frolicking in their own pool. Again you can watch from above or through the underwater windows. Near by you can wonder around the grotto to fine the octopus hiding in the dark.

Oh I almost forgot, don't miss the sea bird exhibit, be sure not to let the birds out.

Time spent at the Oregon Coast Aquarium is time well spent. I recommend that you not miss this attraction when you visit the Oregon Coast.

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