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Oregon Attractions for Your Oregon Weekends

Most Oregon Attractions can be seen on any Oregon weekend. You can reach most of these in just one day.

Hiking, camping, boating and fishing are all around the state. There are waterfalls and lakes galore. There are places you have heard of and places that are not so well know.

We want you to enjoy all the wonderful and beautiful locations throughout Oregon. We will be giving you a list of places of interest and beauty. We will be taking you from the Pacific Ocean to the mountains and from the California border to Washington. Come along with us as we show you how to truly enjoy your Oregon Weekends.

Oregon is without a doubt one of the most scenic states in the country. With a multitude of many protected national parks, forests and coastlines, naturally beautiful Oregon is a vacation dream for the adventurous traveler. From wine country to the coast, from the coast to the Cascades from the Cascades to the dessert and back to the fantastic whitewater rivers just perfect for rafting and fishing. The beauty and diversity of Oregon is well worth your time.

Many considered Oregon to be a hidden gem of a vacation spot. Enthusiasts of outdoor activities especially love the Oregon attractions of hunting, hiking, fishing, hiking, skiing, biking, sailing, climbing and other fun outdoors activities. The skyscrapers Portland are here for those who prefer the city life, while Eugene is famous for its hippy and earthy reputation.

If you want to change the way you feel just take a weekend and go to any of the Oregon coast campgrounds. You will see how the experience will change your whole attitude and you will be better for it. After a visit many people are so intrigued with Oregon that they come back year after year to enjoy old memories and create new ones for their families. If you want a vacation that the kids will remember when they have grown, then an Oregon weekend vacation is for you. Do a little research and find a great park that is good for you and your families and enjoy.

The following is a list of places to go during any weekend here in Oregon.

Alsea Falls Oregon Coast Aquarium
Columbia River Gorge Oregon Dunes
Oregon Coast Oregon State Parks
Crater Lake Oregon Zoo
Darlingtonia Proxy Falls
Central Oregon Portland Rose Garden
Lighthouses Sea Lion Caves
Eastern Oregon Tillamook Cheese
Mt. Hood Timberline Lodge
Old Town Whale watching

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