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Oregon Dunes National Recreation Area

This Oregon weekend we go to the Oregon Dunes National Recreation Area which stretches from Florence to Coos Bay and is part of the Siuslaw National Forest. This is the largest area of Dunes in the country. In places the dunes stretch as much as 2.5 miles inland and some sand dunes are as high as 500 feet. Here is a link to find out more about the Dunes geology.

Oregon Dunes

The area has numerous recreational opportunities and activities. There are 30 lakes and numerous streams for fishing, swimming and other water sports. The Dunes also offer off-highway vehicle use, hiking on over a dozen trails through forest flourishing in Douglas-fir and Sitka spruce, dunes, and wetlands, photography, canoeing, horseback riding and camping.

Eleven beach parking areas as well as thirteen campgrounds give you plenty of new places to try on any of your Oregon weekends. Three main off road riding areas through the Dunes are yours to enjoy, as well as several smaller ones. There are also nine day use areas for you to use.

Being part of the Oregon Dunes National Recreation Area the Oregon Dunes National Park is a favorite weekend spot for a get away. Consisting of lakes, sand dunes, streams, coastal areas, rivers, and forests located in the forty-mile stretch on the Oregon coast there is something for everyone. The Dunes are also a great place for outdoor activities, such as biking, hiking, sand boarding, OHV use, and horseback riding.

But if you lean toward a more solitary and relaxing pursuit, such as bird watching or trail walking, the area is home and shelter to many rare birds, such as endangered shore birds, bald eagles, osprey, and egrets. The ecological diversity found in the Dunes National Park creates a perfect sanctuary for many types of wildlife. Enjoy many convenient access points to the local campgrounds and Oregon coast dune. The natural wonder of the winding trails and the beauty coastal waters are here for you to enjoy.

The Dunes truly are a wondrous and marvelous place to vacation or just spend a weekend.

Along the coast you can find several private rentals of off road vehicles, so you can enjoy the Dunes at your own pace.

Camp Grounds

DriftwoodII OHV    Horsfall OHV    
HorsfallBeach OHV Spinreel OHV
 Bluebill Carter Lake
EelCreek Lagoon
Tahkenitch TahkenitchLanding 
Tyee Waxmyrtle

Trails along the Dunes

Bluebill Loop   CarterDune  
Chief Tsiltcoos    Hall/ Schuttpelz Lake   
Lagoon Loop    Oregon Dunes Loop  
Siltcoos Lake Loops   Tahkenitch Creek Loop   
Tahkenitch Creek Trail    Tahkenitch Dunes   
Taylor Dune    Threemile Lake   
Threemile South    John Dellenback Dunes   
Umpqua Beach Accessible    Waxmyrtle
Wild Mare Horse Trail   

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