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Union County, Oregon

County Seat: La Grande
Founded: October 14, 1864
Population: 24,530

Union County, Oregon Union County's name reflects the support of the people in this area toward maintaining the United States during the Civil War. The County is bordered by Wallowa County on the east and north, Umatilla County on the west, and Grant and Baker Counties on the south.

Originally the County’s economics were base on mining but over the years it has moved to farming of wheat, fruit, vegetables, and grass seeds. The raising of cattle and sheep are also contributing factors.

Nearby mountains and streams provide opportunities for hunting, fishing, skiing, and camping.

Cities and Towns in the County

AlicelHot LakeMedical SpringsStarkey
Camp ElkanahImblerNorth PowderSummerville
CoveIsland CityPerry Telocaset
ElginLa GrandePondosaUnion

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